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200 SW 6th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, United States 33301
Phone: (800) 228-6077
Frank & Jimmie?s Propeller is the largest and most respected propeller shop in the USA and is the leader of the propeller industry, worldwide. The business sells & repairs running gear, (propellers, shafts, struts, rudders), for boats, from the smallest Outboard powered run-abouts up to 120? plus Mega- Yachts. We are the largest distributor of Michigan Wheel / Federal propellers in world. We manufacture propeller drive shafts and custom hardware and have a complete machine shop. We utilize the latest technology in computerized propeller repair technology, the Hale MRI. Every repair at all FJ Propeller locations is made with the Hale MRI. Founded in 1947 by Frank Baron & HVJ ?Jimmie? Harrison in Fort Lauderdale Florida. In the beginning it was just the two of them working on propellers and supplementing with regular boat yard work to make ends meet. The first location was a small space rented out of New River Boat & Engine Works at Tropical Point on New River at the North-South fork. In the mid 50?s they moved into a small tin building next door to Rodi Chris Craft, where now is located Allied Marine. By 1965 they had grown into a 7 man shop and built a new 6,500 sq ft building down the street at 100 SW 6 street. They rented out ? of the building to Ward?s Marine Electric until 1974 when they took over that portion as well. By then they had 15 employees. In 1983 Jimmie Jr. finished college and came on board full time. Jimmie Sr. passed away in 1992 and Frank in 1999. In 2000 the company completed their new, purpose built, 10,000 + sq. ft. building at 200 SW 6 street. We presently have over 30 employees at this location, including a Naval Architect. In the past several years we have opened FJ Propeller locations in; Miami, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and the Bahamas. At all of these locations the staff was initially trained at our Fort Lauderdale location and is continuously trained and monitored by the Fort Lauderdale staff.
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Steering - Rudders
Mike's Consignment Marine Supply
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3639 East Harbor Boulevard #102 , Ventura, CA
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881 Production Place, Newport Beach, CA
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1540 West 14th Street, Long Beach, CA
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