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, United States
Phone: (727) 688-5944
MARBOOM "FIRST Response" Program - is the most cost-effective, reliable, practical and reusable Oil Spill Containment and Protection Boom System available. The innovative design offers a single, endless air supply-channel with continuous inflatable buoyancy-chambers without costly and cumbersome air-valves and section connectors. It offers quick deployment and retrieval with few personal and ease in transportation and handling. We ship any length of boom. From long booms any required length is possible, just cut the boom, or bonding shorter segments together. The compact and lightweight MARBOOM, makes it quick and easy to manage, practical and inexpensive to transport and stow. It requires minimal storage space on land in your warehouse or on the deck of any vessel and is always ready for immediate use. The exceptional low volume: For example: a Pallet Box 48x 40x 36 (122x 102x 92cm) holds up to ~2000' (~600 meter) of the standard MARBOOM, #C0812B, "FIRST Response" boom, and a box size of 30x 20x 20" (76x 50x 50cm) holds ~330 ft. (100 meter). Plastic refill Replacement boom, semi-assembled, for the same length fits in approximate a 1/4 of these box sizes, making transportation very cost effective. MARBOOM is 100% recyclable while made of durable yet flexible, environmentally friendly PE-material that emits no harmful chemicals or gases when burnt or decomposed.
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    Pollution Control - California
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(619) 339-5088
22974 El Toro Rd., Ste 200, Lake Forest, CA
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