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PO Box 158
Summit, NJ, United States 07901-0158
Phone: (908) 273-5730
Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc?s WhisprWave? line of patented modular marine floating breakwater technology are highly engineered to provide shoreline beach erosion control and survive deployment in the harshest marine environments. WhisprWave? currently holds 7 Domestic and International Patents for the WhisprWave?s? unique design and utility; there are an additional 20 patents pending. The WhisprWave? was specifically designed in a modular format to increase the product?s flexibility and unforeseen future maritime applications. The modularity of the product makes it similar to LEGO?s? or building blocks; its potential marine uses are only limited by the bounds of one?s creativity. In addition to its modularity, the WhisprWave? was designed for beach erosion control applications in the oceans. Many of its competitors? shoreline erosion prevention products were originally intended for the calmer waters and erosionary forces of the inland lakes and rivers. This inherent strength gives the WhisprWave? a distinct design and application advantage, as it is engineered to withstand the forces of the oceans? rogue waves and sustained winds of more than 80 knots. The base building block of the WhisprWave? is its patented module. A module is a highly engineered polygon shaped object made of high-density polyethylene. A standard module weighs approximately 36 lbs. empty. The design of the module enables it to be filled with or vacuated of water (with the help of a standard air compressor) to precisely adjust its buoyancy. The module can be ?puncture proofed? by filling it with marine grade buoyant foam. WhisprWave? modules are connected using a system of EPDM rubber cables, marine grade hardware and stainless steel anchoring harness. All WhisprWave? applications incorporate commercially proven marine grade anchoring systems, which vary based upon installation conditions and bottom strata. The WhisprWave? has been formally permitted by the marine community including the US Army Corp of Engineers (?USACE?), US Navy (?USN?), US Coast Guard (?USCG?), Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (?CTDEP?), State of Louisiana, State of Washington, and other governing entities. These agencies have been made aware of the products flexibility, durability and low environmental profile. The WhisprWave? is currently installed, being demonstrated or being reviewed by several of the aforementioned agencies for applications that range from Homeland Security / Force Protection to Beach Erosion Protection to Marina Wave & Wake Protection.
Categories:  Marina Services 

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    Marina Services - California
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