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91200 Overseas Hwy.
Tavernier, FL, United States 33126
Phone: (305) 852-4881 is the website of DePaula Jewelers. DePaula Jewelers formed in 1984 and specializes in island jewelry. We are located in the Florida Keys. We are a family run business. De Paula Jewelers is a member of JA, the Jewelers of America, so you can buy with confidence. De Paula Jewelers is family-owned and operated. We have been in the Florida Keys for 30 years. De Paula Jewelers originally started as Islamorada Jewelers when the company was located in the heart of the purple island, Islamorada. A few years later we moved to Tavernier, and have been located in the Tavernier Towne Shopping Center ever since. In 1984, Islamorada Jewelers was established by husband and wife team Joe and Lynn de Paula. They had a vision of opening a jewelry store built on honesty and quality that celebrates the island lifestyle they liked. Their numerous travels around the country led them to discover the Florida Keys, narrow islands surrounded by blue-green waters that glistened in the sun. After years of training in jewelry and working up to get the capital, the couple built their first jewelry business from the ground up in Islamorada, one of the islands in the Upper Keys. Islamorada, a sportfisherman?s dream, is home to wide open waters, delicately stunning coral reefs, and other magnificent marine life. The De Paulas? vision expanded to embracing nautical pieces of jewelry that reflected the environmental beauties all around them. From that humble little store in a corner of the Keys the store grew; Joe trained as a Master Jeweler and Lynn as a Graduate Gemologist, and the store settled in a bigger, busier location in Tavernier -a mere fifteen minutes and two short islands away from Islamorada. Islamorada Jewelers was rechristened De Paula Jewelers, which still stands today in the same location in Tavernier as the place to get quality jewelry and finest service in the Upper Keys. De Paula Jewelers has continued to win awards of excellence and built a strong reputation and trust with locals.
Categories:  Jewelry 

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