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P.O. Box 7048
Vero Beach, FL, United States 32961
Phone: 8008690773
The Trinka is more than beautiful, though. She was conceived not to cut production expenses nor to compete in the cheap-dink market, but to be an incomparably rugged, practical, reliable servant of utility. Hundreds of "one-off" Trinkas have been produced around the world, and our dinks are produced with the same individual attention to detail and quality. To assure the most faithful Trinka reproduction, Mr. Bingham supervised the hull lofting, oversaw the plug and mold development and created dozens of special assembly drawings for us. The Trinka has proven itself over the years. It is the only fiberglass dinghy endorsed by critical author and famous world sailor Donald M. Street. The dinghy was featured in the Complete Live-Aboard Book by K. M. Burke. And Jeff Spranger, editor of The Practical Sailor, says, "I couldn't find a really good dinghy so I had to build my own!" (Jeff's dinghy is Trinka!) Mr. Bingham's own Trinka, which we used as our prototype, has been in daily use for ten years. It has withstood thousands of miles of towing, has taxied millions of pounds and been kissed by a thousand beaches. There could not have been a more demanding standard setter; and now the Trinka can be yours.
Categories:  Dinghies 

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Dinghies - Dinghies
5th Avenue Yachts
(619) 857-2628
2305 Historic Decatur RD, Suite 100, San Diego, CA
616 Fitch Ave, Moorpark, CA
(800) 599-5151
616 Fitch Ave, Moorpark, CA
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