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Cogswell & Main Street
Jonesport, ME, United States 04649
Phone: (800) 996-5655
Jonesport Nautical Gifts was founded in 1996, and from the start our goal has always been to give the customer excellent service and to offer high quality Nautical Gifts, and Nautical Lights. (Part of Jonesport Nautical Antiques, Inc.) We offer excellent prices, fast shipping, and expertise. Whether we ship from our store or drop-ship you will get fast service. Sometimes our suppliers are much closer to you and delivery is quicker and cheaper. The market has changed so the focus of Jonesport Nautical Gifts has shifted to Nautical Gifts and Nautical Lights. This transition has taken years! We sail, and are engaged in all the fun activities that Maine has to offer but now devote an amazing amount of time to keeping the business current to best meet your needs! We are located at 6 Cogswell Street in Jonesport, Maine. Our Internet business has developed over the years to the point where it dominates the business. The shop is now used for shipping, storage, and customer pick up. If you are in the local area and would like to meet, give us a call at 1-800-996-5655. We have been known to go sailing in the good weather. Maine is a "great" cruising and vacation area. The Internet section of the business is open 365 days a year, to better serve our customers. We also ship from Florida in the winter. This has created a few difficulties and a lot of benefits. For many it has resulted in faster shipping times, and in the long term will benefit both our customers and the staff.
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Antiques - Antiques
(310) 577-1074
Marina Del Rey, CA
(805) 643-2934
554 E. Main St., Ventura, CA
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