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5205 E. FM 517
Dickinson, TX, United States 77539
Phone: (281) 534-1904
Now in its twenty third season of production, American Offshore ? continues to evolve, with finish work, gel coat graphics, and detailing that are better than ever. Originally it?s central appeal was a running platform that plainly was built for speed; within this realm, at the upper end of the tach, the defining American Offshore experience emerges. Our lineup of performance deck boats extends the defining American Offshore experience onto a family friendly, yet avid enthusiast arena which has steadily grown since the introduction 7 years ago. Room and comfort for all while cruising the water with the tach maxed out! We are now producing 3 new economical V hull models for those who prefer V hulls rather than cats. These models are based on a proven V hull design and feature American Offshore ?proven rugged construction. We use only the finest materials and begin our production process with a highly polished mold which we developed and built to meet exact tolerances. All of our boats are hand laid with the finest bi-directional fiberglass and vinyl ester resins with a Baltec edge grain balsa core. Vinyl ester resin is stronger, less likely to de-laminate, more flexible and resists blistering better than polyester resins. The Baltec balsa core is light weight, doesn?t absorb water and is very strong. All fasteners, screws, and bolts are marine grade stainless steel. We are one of the few boat builders that takes the time to bond the deck and hull together with fiberglass to create a unitized construction that is more durable and less likely to flex and break. American Offshore?s lamination schedules and techniques have been fine-tuned using the experience we?ve gained from building both race and pleasure boats for over 20 years. It?s another wonderful day on the water in your American Offshore boat! Being out on the water, taking in the smell and sights surrounding you is something that everyone should experience. Whether you?re a person whose familiar with driving a boat or not, you?ll need to have a place to turn to for the best of the best in the boat world. Boating is a great experience to have whether you?re boating for sport, for fishing or for just leisure activity. Here at American Offshore Powerboats ? we are your premier location for excellent offshore boats, lake boats, and equipment. We carry the finest designs of boats and all that will provide you with a summer?s full of fun on the water. Our boat sales are like no other. Rather than just trying to make a deal, we focus on meeting the needs and budgets of our customers. We have a wide selection of boats to choose from and we guarantee we?ll have the boat you?ve been looking for. If you know you want to purchase a boat but are not sure where to start, rest assured that our representatives are fully familiar with the boats we carry and are ready and able to answer all of your questions. American Offshore carries Family Deck Boats, V Hull Boat, and performance Catamarans. All of our boats are available with custom gel coat designs. Our Family Deck Boats are perfect for families who want to spend a day in the sun and these boats can accommodate a number of people. Our performance and V Hull Boats are fast and safe and will provide a lot of entertainment and fun.
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(205) 763-0231
P.O. Box 395, Riverside, AL
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