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2830 de Miniac St.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4S 1K9
In 1971 we began selling diamond tools and air saws to the FRP industry. Since that time our goal has always been to help our customers find easier ways to trim and shape their products. This striving to offer better tools for the industry convinced us to begin manufacturing our own diamond cutting tools in 1981, so that we could supply exactly what the ?guys in the shop? needed. Our North American based production facility gives us the ability to be flexible, fast and nimble in meeting customer delivery targets. By having the production operations under our watchful eye, it allows us to achieve an extremely high repeated threshold of quality through a very strict and detailed control process. We have employees who have been with the company for many years which enables us to draw upon this rich experience on a regular basis. This invaluable industry experience not only fertilizes new product innovation but also helps avoid costly errors. Conventional machining has been part of our in-house expertise for our entire manufacturing history. Recently, a merger with a key supplier, has catapulted our in-house machining capabilities to a new level both in terms of production capacity, speed and precision. As a result of this merger, we are now supplying precision machined parts to the aerospace industry. As you can imagine, the close tolerances demanded by the industry is second to none, which allows us to handle more complicated and sophisticated requests from our customers in various industries.
Categories:  Tools & Equipment 

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Tools & Equipment - Tools & Equipment
(256) 845-1914
120 55th St. N.E., Fort Payne, AL
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