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34671 Puerto Place
Dana Point, CA, United States 92629
Phone: (949) 661-1313
Working together at the telephone company, Gene Jerry and CB Shannep found that they shared a love for boating, diving, fishing, hunting, working together and having fun. They decided to form their own business partnership. 1966: Anchor Marine Repair is borne. Filling a need in Newport Beach they began their business by using their diving skills to clean marine growth from the bottom of vessels. As they both were skilled mechanics, when the hull marine growth was under control, they often found themselves working out of their trucks repairing boats. On the back half of that year they opened their first shop in Newport Beach on Pacific Coast Highway. It was from this facility that they were able to launch into the business of maintaining the numerous offshore moorings throughout Newport Harbor. The partners made their own barge for this activity and named it after their fathers: ?Char-Dan?. Their barge?s lifting capacity was very large and one cold and rainy night they were asked to assist in raising a sunken vessel. This effort was so successful that they found themselves being routinely asked to perform salvage work. They started their own Salvage division; this division was named Anchor Marine Co. Within a few years, their performance and expertise allowed the new division to become the main Salvage Company operating between Los Angeles and San Diego. 1968:Gene and CB continued to work well together building their business. When they were presented with an opportunity to move to a larger facility at the Newport Dunes, they did so. As this new facility was on the water, they were now able to haul boats from the water. The new facility allowed them to expand their business by providing additional repair and fabrication capabilities. While their desire was to be able to service larger boats the Newport Dunes facilities crane would only accommodate smaller vessels. During the winters of 1969 and 1970 they designed and built the largest floating dry dock ever to exist in Newport Harbor. The new dry dock was able to haul out a boat up to forty tons and up to sixty feet in length. Their business continued to grow until it was bursting at the seams and became constrained by the size of their lot and facility 1972: As the two partners considered their expansion options, an excellent opportunity surface. Early 1972, the County of Orange issued a solicitation for bids to construct and operate a Boat repair facility for the recently opened Dana Point Harbor. This was just the expansion opportunity that Gene and CB needed for their company. So in late 1972, they formed a limited partnership which was named Anchor Marine Repair Company. This new partnership allowed them to obtain all the capabilities and financing necessary to win the bid and construct and operate the Dana Point Shipyard. 1973: Anchor Marine was the successful bidder for the Dana Point Shipyard and in 1973 the County of Orange awarded the option to construct the facility to Gene and CBs Company, Anchor Marine. However, the oil embargo that occurred in the early 70?s along with the passage of proposition 20 and the creation of the California Coastal Commission and a few other world events, required a re-thinking and new planning approach to implementing the construction of the new Dana Point Shipyard. It took three years to finally obtain the permits and approvals necessary to begin construction of the first shipyard. 1977: Despite a difficult financial climate, especially for marine related business, Gene and CB were able to open the facility now known as Dana Point Shipyard. The 1000 square foot shop building was augmented by a 30-ton crane to haul the smaller boats. The dock system was built and installed and to service the larger vessels they moved their 40-ton dry dock down from Newport Beach. Three- forty-foot trailers were brought in to accommodate the expanding parts retail and wholesale business along with the office staff. Jesse Cope and Chris Lindemann, were among the original employees that year. Today Jesse and Chris are still with the Company, bringing their years of experience and skills to better serve our customers. 1980: By now the economy had improved and the marine industry was in full swing and expanding. Plans were put in place for an expansive marine repair facility. 1981: Jitters, left over from the 70?s causes an industry retrenchment and more modest plans were put in place and the permitting process was put into motion for the facilities that exist today at the Dana Point Shipyard. 1982: The new facility comes on line, sporting an additional four thousand square foot building, a fully paved and fenced yard, new docks and a 50-ton travel lift and pier. Additional boat handling equipment was also built. Sadly the work horse and long time friend the floating dry dock so instrumental in building the business in the early years was retired. 1982: With the new shipyard on line the pair of partners, Gene and CB, launched into the marine construction field. The Company obtained a Class A General Engineering Contractors License and pursued Marine Construction work along the Southern California waterfront. This division, Anchor Marine Construction, along with the Salvage division was operated under the parent name of Anchor Marine Co. Some of the major Marine Construction accomplishments were: The total rebuilding of the Balboa, Newport piers along with the U.S. Coast guard piers also in Newport. The pier in Dana Point Harbor that stands today between the Ocean Institute and Baby Beach was also one of the projects. As was Dredging in Long beach, Newport and Dana Point Harbors. New dock construction and replacement was undertaken along with pile driving in Huntington, Newport and Dana Point Harbors. Anchor Marine Construction did the first maintenance dredging in Dana Point Harbor and replaced the Harbor Department Docks along with the Guest docks next to the County of Orange?s Youth and Group facility. These docks are used daily and are still in excellent condition. From 1966 thru today, Anchor Marine Repair, Anchor Marine Repair Company, Anchor Marine Co, Anchor Marine Construction and Dana Point Shipyard have weathered the marine economic ups and downs. Thru Gene and CBs direction and their dedicated staff, they have provided, and continue to provide, quality service to the boating public of Los Angles, Long Beach, Newport, Dana Point, Oceanside and San Diego Harbors. Today, Second and Third Generations of one of the founders, Gene Jerry are at the helm of Dana Point Shipyard. Genes Daughter, Catherine Cope, has been with the company for 22 years, working her way up from the bottom to her present position as Facility Manager. Steve Morris, Catherine?s youngest son, is the Service Manager and has been working at the families business since he was 13 years old, working summers and after school. Steve like his grandfather before him, worked his way up from painting bottoms and mechanical work to his present position. Jesse Cope is Catherine?s Husband. Jesse along with Chris Lindemann are the original Dana Point Shipyard employees, and have been here for over 30 years.. Both Jesse and Chris are Factory Trained and Certified Technicians and between the two, there is nothing that cannot be fixed. With Catherine and Steve now at the helm, the Company?s tradition of caring for our customers, their boats and our environment will continue with fresh new approaches and years of experience. Anchor Marine and it?s divisions, including Dana Point Shipyard, take pride in our First Class Customer Service, Professional approach to every repair and Customer Satisfaction. We are a Premier Service Dealer and Mercruiser Warranty Center. We employ the most talented employees, we feel, in the Marine Industry.
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