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2003 Amel Super Maramu 2000 - 53'

Year 2003
Length 53ft.
Price USD $325,000
Type: Pre-owned
Hull Material Fiberglass/GRP
Engine type Single
Fuel Diesel
Contact Information
Builder: AMEL
Designer: Henri Amel, Jacques Carteau
Beam: 15 ft 1 in
Max Draft: 6 ft 7 in
Draft Drive Up: Other
Displacement: 35840 lbs Full Load
Dry Weight: 31360 lbs
Engine(s): YANMAR
Engine Model: 4JH3-HTE
Year: 2002
Fuel: Diesel
Hours: 3995
Engine(s) HP: 100 HP
Cruising Speed: 7 knots
Fuel: 1 Stainless steel (158 Gallons)
Water: 1 Fiberglass (264 Gallons)
Holding Tank: 2
Keel Type: Wing

Additional Specs, Equipment and Information:

Builder: AMEL
Designer: Henri Amel, Jacques Carteau
Flag of Registry: United States
Keel: Wing
LOA: 52 ft 6 in
Beam: 15 ft 1 in
LWL: 41 ft 4 in
Minimum Draft: 6 ft 2 in
Maximum Draft: 6 ft 7 in
Displacement: 35840 lbs Full Load
Ballast: 12320 lbs
Dry Weight: 31360 lbs
Total Power: 100 HP
Engine 1:
Engine Brand: YANMAR
Year Built: 2002
Engine Model: 4JH3-HTE
Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel
Engine Hours: 3995
Propeller: 3 blade propeller
Drive Type: Other
Engine Power: 100 HP
Cruising Speed: 7 knots
Maximum Speed: 8 knots
Fresh Water Tanks: 1 Fiberglass (264 Gallons)
Fuel Tanks: 1 Stainless steel (158 Gallons)
Holding Tanks: 2
Number of single berths: 3
Number of double berths: 2
Number of cabins: 2
Number of heads: 2


Please reference the attached layout diagram in the photo gallery.  SM 53 #380 is essentially very similar to that layout diagram with several intelligent improvements.  

In the forward stateroom, the berths provide extra length and foot room on both sides.  The two single berths in the forward stateroom can quickly be reconfigured into a port side double and a starboard side single with the provided filler panel and cushion.  The bulkhead in the extreme forward area of the forward stateroom is a watertight collision bulkhead with a water tight door access into the chain locker. 

The forward head with Jabsco Silent Flush electric marine toilet and black water holding tank, vanity and wash basin, and a shower with clever curtain arrangement that keeps everything in the head dry when using the shower.

Opposite to starboard is a very large hanging locker. 

The saloon is aft and separated from the forward area by a fully watertight door on a watertight bulkhead.  The saloon has a unique square cornered dinette area instead of the usual semi-circle backrest.  Opposite to starboard is a full-length settee/single berth. These changes dramatically enhance comfort in the saloon. 

The U-shaped galley is aft to port and features the four-burner propane stove and oven, microwave oven and top loading dishwasher which was replaced in 2010, and a 24-volt powered extractor cowl directly over the stove.  The top loading clothes washer/dryer is also in the galley under a lift-up panel.  

The navigation station is opposite to port with an outboard facing navigation desk with seat and storage for charts and navigational equipment.  There is an open hanging locker adjacent to the navigation station. 

The sea berth is in the passageway to the owners cabin aft.  This berth is located quite low and is positioned close to the vessels pitch axis.  It is very secure even in the most trying conditions. This berth, like all the berths on the boat, has a sturdy lee board. 

The owners cabin aft has an ensuite head with Jabsco Silent Flush electric marine toilet with blackwater holding tank, vanity with wash basin, and the same clever shower curtain configuration as in the forward head that keeps things in this area dry. The double berth is offset to the port side and is nearly 7’ long.  Opposite to starboard is a larger vanity/desk than what is found on a standard SUPER MARAMU with a small settee further aft.  There is a good-sized hanging locker in this cabin.  The entrance to the aft cabin has a watertight door on a watertight bulkhead.  The bulkhead fully aft in this cabin is also a watertight bulkhead. 

It should be noted that there is more useable storage in the SUPER MARAMU than in any other vessel of comparable interior volume.  Seriously, you will be amazed the first time you go aboard any SUPER MARAMU.  A good part of the reason for this is that there are five very large lockers outside on deck and two smaller ones that hold all the bulky and often potentially smelly stuff like awnings, outboard motors and maintenance chemicals outside of the interior accommodations.  Seriously when you first go aboard a SUPER MARAMU you will be mightily impressed with the unsurpassed volumes of on deck storage.  The interior of the boat is kept uncluttered.  Nothing goes down the companionway into the interior unless you eat it, read it, or wear it.


CONFIGURATION:   Probably best described as a ¾ aft cockpit, the cockpit area in the AMEL SUPER MARAMU is situated deep within the vessel for enhanced security and to minimize undesirable motion.  The steering station is in the forward port side quarter of the cockpit where it can be completely protected from sun, spray, rain and other undesirable environmental conditions.  The cockpit is exceptionally comfortable as the seat backs and the seats themselves are ergonomically designed to conform to the human anatomy with subtle curves in just the right places.  As we tend to live in the cockpit, Amel went to great lengths to make this area the most comfortable room in the house.  The hard dodger protects the cockpit from the sea and spray while the extendable/pull out Bimini keeps the sun and rain away.  If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing the uncommon comfort of the SUPER MARAMU cockpit, be sure to spend a few minutes investigating this for yourself when you get aboard.

The forward deckhouse is a wedge configuration.  Both the forward and aft deckhouses are bordered by side decks that are unencumbered by rigging or equipment.  It is quite easy and safe to make your way about the decks on board the SUPER MARAMU. 

Each and every element of the deck design was drawn, reconsidered, and then ultimately configured to provide the optimum in functionality, comfort, and security.  Amel's 50 plus years of experience with offshore sailing boat design really shows everywhere aboard the SUPER MARAMU

The hull is an evolution of Henri Amel’s cruising keel and skeg hung rudder philosophy that he helped popularize for cruising boats in the early 1950’s.  The raked bow with semi-rounded forefoot provides a fast yet sea-kindly face to the waves.  The wide low aspect ratio keel gives up maybe a couple of degrees in pointing ability in providing an exceptionally strong and secure mount for the external ballast.  All 1000 liters/264 gallons of fresh water are carried in the stub keel, not only providing a double bottom but keeping the weight of the water quite low in the boat (and not in tanks under settees where they would rob storage).  The keel has long wings, which not only aid stiffness and weatherlyness, but also act as pitch stabilizers when going 5 knots or better.  The keel has a flat bottom and is wide enough to allow the boat to stand, unsupported, on the keel.  However, we strongly urge you to use support stands when on the hard.

The propeller is mounted on the trailing edge of the keel where it is well immersed and very well protected from sea junk.  It is also not under the bed in the owner’s cabin, as in most center cockpit designs, allowing you to sleep when powering.  Propeller noise is effectively marginalized.

The rudder is hung from a massive full-length skeg assembly that can support the entire laden weight of the vessel in case of a grounding.

The hull’s run aft is wide enough to support powerful reaching performance yet shaped with a gradual buoyancy increase so when immersed in waves to impart a steady ride in a sea way.  In conjunction with the same gradual buoyancy increase in the bow, there is a very predictable and linier motion at sea.

As in all elements of the entire vessel’s design, the hull and deck were conceived to do their job properly and efficiently, not to have a certain look or to make a fashion statement.  In cruising yacht design, as in nature, the most satisfactory results are achieved when form follows function.  

CONSTRUCTION:  The AMEL SUPER MARAMU has a construction technique that is absolutely unique in the industry.  The yield is an extremely strong and solid one piece hull and deck assembly; a true monocoque.

All AMELS, since 1967, have been built with AMEL designed biaxial fiberglass cloth.  This is a flat woven fiberglass cloth that is much stronger in sheer and tension than conventional mat and woven roving laminates.  It is lighter, stronger, and better.  The hull is molded in one piece incorporating one piece/non-spliced lengths of biaxial cloth running from bulwark, down through the keel/centerline, and up to the opposite bulwark.  In the same fashion, the next series of laminates run from the bow lengthwise to the stern, again, employing one piece/non spliced lengths of biaxial cloth.  The deck assembly is built in a similar fashion.  While the hull is a solid fiberglass laminate with no core, the deck assembly employs a core of Baltek vertical end grain balsa in strategic horizontal areas to enhance stiffness and is insulation from heat and noise.  There are also substrates of “Iron Wood” in the deck assembly where cleats and the windlass are installed to easily accommodate the increased compression and shearing loads in the foredeck.

While the completed one-piece hull is still in the mold, ALL the furniture and structural bulkheads, less non-structural drawers and cabinet faces, are installed.  After all the structural assemblies are completely installed, the separately completed deck assembly is joined to the hull (again, while it is still in the mold) with six layers of the same biaxial cloth used in the primary laminations, around the entire hull to deck interface.  What this accomplishes, effectively, is the elimination of a conventional hull to deck joint.  The hull and deck are married with a homogeneous fiberglass matrix, which insures a strong and leak free hull and deck join for the entire life of the vessel.


Ketch rigged with AMEL painted aluminum alloy spars and boom with AMEL designed and manufactured in the mast furling.  Furling is by 24-volt motors with manual back up on the main and manual furling on the mizzen. The two 24-volt motors were replaced and the outhaul and in-mast furling drive gearboxes were completely rebuilt on 10/2017.  The headstay is equipped with an AMEL designed and manufactured roller furling system with 24-volt electric furling with manual backup. 

The main boom has been upgraded with a strengthened main sheet and vang attachment system by Nance and Underwood Rigging in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  All standing rigging was replaced with entirely new components including correct metric sized KOS stainless steel wire and STA-LOK mechanical end fittings on 11-2017 also by Nance and Underwood in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

AMEL down-wind ballooner system that allows one person to reef and unreef the 1400 square feet double headsail system from the cockpit unassisted. 

There are ten self-tailing Lewmar winches, three of which are 24-volt powered including the main sheet and both primary winches. 


Main sail, Super Sailmakers, Fort Lauderdale – 2017

Mizzen sail, Super Sailmakers, Fort Lauderdale – 2017 

Genoa jib, Super Sailmakers, Fort Lauderdale – 2017 

Ballooner sail, Super Sailmakers, Fort Lauderdale – 2017 

Mizzen staysail by Deme, France – 2003


At Masthead - 63' 4'

At Tricolor light 64' 1"

At Wind instruments 64' 3"

At the VHF antenna 66' 6"


12-volt DC ships engine and generator start system

24-volt DC ships house supply system

220-volt AC ships generator system

220-volt AC shore power system 

The 12-volt DC ships engine and generator start system draws from one DEKA group series 31 maintenance free lead acid battery with 1000 old cranking amps capacity.  This battery is charged by 18 amp 12-volt alternator on the Onan generator or by a 50 amp 12-volt alternator on the Yanmar engine.  This battery is isolated from the 24-volt house service bank.  It can be jumped from the house service bank easily if ever required. 

The 24-volt DC ships service system draws on ten group 31 116 amp hour FIREFLY AGM deep cycle carbon-foam batteries, model FF12D1-G31.  If you are unfamiliar with these batteries, do a web search and I am all but sure you will be impressed by what you learn.  I have several AMEL clients using these batteries today and they all are very pleased with having chosen these batteries.  This bank of ten batteries are wired in series by pairs to provide 580 amps of reserve capacity at 24-volts and are charged by the following means.  At the stern is an Atlantic Tower Solar Cell arch on which there are 2 LG 350-watt solar panels that are controlled by a Victron 100/30 MPPT controller.  Additionally, there is a Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70 70 amp 24-volt charger and a 3000-watt 220-volt AC inverter that uses either shore power or the Onan generator to provide the charging current.  The second battery charger is a Dolphin 100 amp automatic charger.  The system is monitored by a Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor.  The entire 24-volt ships service system, less the alternators, was installed in 6/2018 and includes the FIREFLY batteries, solar arch and solar cells, Victron chargers, controller and monitor.  It works just the way it should ant the owners mounted a near duplicate system on their ‘new’ boat.   1995 hours total time since new.

The ships 220-volt AC diesel generator is an ONAN MDKAL 7kw unit.  It is mounted in the engine room on vibration isolating mounts and is nearly silent in operation.  It is not mounted in an enclosure. 

The ships 220-volt AC generator and shore power system are controlled by an all circuit breaker control panel.  There is a ground fault interceptor that protects the entire 220-volt AC system and all of the outlets. 

If you have any concerns about 220-volt AC power systems or 220-volt availability, ask me to spend some time with you sharing information that will alleviate any concerns.


38 GPH EcH20 220-volt water maker - 2010

New water maker membranes - 2017

New March water maker lift pump - 2017

New water maker high pressure pump - 2018

March air conditioner raw water Pump -11/2017

2 Jabsco toilet raw water pumps - 11/2017

2 Jabsco toilet evacuation and macerator pumps- 11/2017

Caltri MCH-6 220-volt dive tank compressor, complete service - 2018

4 dive tanks and deck mounts - 2017

Top loading clothes washer/dryer

Top loading dishwasher - 2010

LED interior lighting on all fixtures

AMEL Comfort Package

          100 HP Yanmar diesel

          Larger battery containment

          150 amp 24-volt alternator

          Four burner stove and oven

          Stainless steel double bow roller

          Starship Enterprise saloon lamp

          Dual Racor 500 fuel filter with vacuum gauge

Double berth with vanity upgrade - in the aft cabin

Gangway/passarelle/swim ladder

Fender mounts at transom for four fenders

10 regular fenders, 3 ball fenders

Two deluxe fender boards

Two additional opening ports - in aft cabin

Naudet ships chronometer and barometer - at nav station

Naudet ships chronometer and moon phase clock - in saloon - 2018

Weems and Plath electronic recording barometer - at the nav station

Cockpit shower that reaches the aft deck

ISOTEMP 40-liter, hot water heater 220-volt and main engine heat exchanger – 2008

Plastimo 6” steering compass – at the helm


New Garmin electronics in late 2017

          GPSMAP 7612XVS 12” plotter with Chirp Sonar – at the nav station

          GPSMAP 7612 12” plotter – at the helm

          AIS 600 Black box AIS transceiver

          GHP Reactor autopilot

          Garmin autopilot hand held remote with MOB function

          GMR Fantom 18” radar radome

          Garmin Panoptix forward looking sonar

Standard Horizon Matrix AIS/GPS GX-2200 VHF radio – 2017

Standard Horizon RAM 3+ VHF handset - in cockpit – 2017

Fusion MS-UP755 marine digital media receiver – 2017

JL Audio mx650 speakers in the saloon – 2017

Bose 151 SE speaker in saloon – 2017

Wirie Pro WIFI extender – 2017

Iridium Go!  Satellite communicator – 2017 

Furuno FI-501 wind angle indicator – 2011

Furuno FI-502 close hauled wind angle indicator – 2011

Furuno FI-503 digital display indicator – at the nav station and helm – 2011 

2 Furuno RD33 LCD MFD display – at the helm and nav station - 2011

Furuno FI-50 Depth S.O.G. water temperature – 2011

Raymarine autopilot chain drive to helm

Raymarine M81134 type II Linear autopilot drive direct to steering quadrant – late 2018

ICOM M-802 SSB transceiver – 2008

ICOM AT-140 Automatic antenna tuner - 2008

Shakespeare SSB antenna – 2011

Standard Horizon GPS-HX870, two hand held VHF radios


Yanmar 4JH3-THE, 100 HP, 4-cylinder turbo charged marine diesel with intercooler.  3995 hours total time since installed at the time of vessels original construction.

Dual Racor 500 fuel filters on quick change manifold with a vacuum gauge. 

Yanmar “200” series engine mounts – 2019

ZF25 Transmission 2.8:1 ratio – 2019

Bowman DC60XCC transmission cooler 2019 

AMEL C-drive 1:1 ratio serviced by Steve Leeds – 2019 

Spurs line cutter serviced by Steve Leeds – 2019 

Auto Prop three blade automatic pitch adjusting bronze propeller serviced by Steve Leeds – 2019 

Sirocco II 24-volt crew comfort fan in engine room 

12 and 24-volt blower motors for extracting heat and ventilating engine compartment. 

EMEK Marine stainless-steel raw water manifold 11/2017 

AMEL 14 H.P. 3 bladed bow thruster with retraction system.  Serviced by Steve Leeds - 2019 

Marco UP-3/E fresh water pump - 2017

Marco UP-3/E fresh water pump – spare - 2017

Marco UP-6/E salt water and anchor washdown - 2017

Marco UP-6/E salt water and anchor washdown spare - 2017 


Five truly watertight compartments

Double bottom in the keel area/garboards

Stainless steel tube station and lifelines

Permanently fitted jack lines - 5/2018

Manual diaphragm type bilge pump - at the helm

ACMO diaphragm type 24-volt bilge pump

Johnson back up diaphragm type 24-volt bilge pump - 10/2018

Winslow 6-person offshore life raft - 2017

Lifesling MOB retrieval system

ACR G-FIX GPS, enabled EPIRB - 12/2020 battery expiration

MOB pole and horse shoe buoy

MOB function on plotter and autopilot

Engine room CO2 system

Engine room Sea Fire FM-200 automatic system

3 hand held fire extinguishers

Stainless safety bar at stove with eyes for clipping on belt

Stainless eyes at the navigation station for clipping on belt

Hand holds throughout the interior including several not seen on standard SUPER MARAMUS

Two stainless grab rails on transom

3 smoke detectors

Fire blanket – at the galley

Tricolor masthead light with anchor light

LED deck level running lights

Foredeck flood lamp

Cockpit flood lamp

Aft deck flood lamp

Legal propane storage compartment for # 20 and 10 bottles

Propane shut off solenoid

Lee boards for all berths


Four overhead hatches fitted with no-entry stainless bars

Five cabin side vertical opening ports

3-8000 BTU Clima air conditioners with resistance grid electric heat

Espar/Eberspacher diesel fired ducted cabin heater

Fresh air 24-volt power fresh air ventilation system

10 Hella ventilation fans

10 Fan mounts, with 24-volt plug receptacles allowing fans to be removed or repositioned

Several wind scoops and insect screens for hatches and companionway


Lofrans Tigres 24-volt horizontal anchor windlass with a gypsy and wildcat – replaced in 2007 

Mantis 85 Lbs. anchor and chain swivel – 2018 

125 meters of 10 mm stainless steel anchor chain 

Double stainless steel bow roller

Salt water chain washdown with switch enabling the choice of a deck washdown or chain washdown. 

Fortress FX-55 second anchor – 11/2017

20 meters of 10mm stainless steel anchor chain with 80 meters of nylon rode. 

Good ground tackle and the ability to quickly and easily set it or retrieve it is a very important consideration on any serious cruising yacht.  According to all who have one, you can’t beat a Mantis anchor.  This Mantis 85 Lbs. anchor fits the bow roller/anchor receiver like they were made for each other.  400’ of stainless steel chain and this anchor should keep you secure and sleeping well just about anywhere you might care to stop.  The chain and deck wash system will keep the anchoring area clean.


Sirocco MX310, (10' 3") aluminum bottom inflatable dinghy - 2016

Mercury 15HP, 22 stroke outboard - 2016

Atlantic Towers Solar arch/davits with proper rope lifts and securing hardware.  This installation is amongst the best I have seen.  It is heavily and correctly cross braced and does not have any concerning wiggles.  6-2018


C-cushion fitted cockpit cushions – 10/2018

Aft Deck lounge Cushions – 2017 

Main to mizzen sun awning by G & H Marine Canvas, Fort Lauderdale, FL 11/2017

Mizzen to arch sun awning by G & H Marine Canvas, Fort Lauderdale, FL 6/2017 

I’ve been selling cruising sailboats for more than 40 years.  Seldom have I seen better deck awnings.  I watched the 2 owners set them up in less than ten minutes without breaking a sweat.  They look to be well made and should be durable.  They fit well and are reported to stand up to 30 knot gusts.


While you might find a slightly less expensive 2003 AMEL SUPER MARAMU, I don’t think you will find a better true value overall.  The inventory is comprehensive and regularly upgraded.I have sold hundreds of these boats new and used combined and am very familiar with their value structure..  I have owned two personally.  Come look at this unique offering and I am sure you will be as impressed as I am.  This is a boat that has been well owned since first launched and it shows.


The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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